Use of Video Recorders in Law Enforcement

As time goes by and technology improves, so does peoples desire to sue and take litigation against companies and organizations. It seems everyone is claiming to be unfairly treated or abused by someone in a position of power, especially those in the law enforcement or emergency services community. As a result, we are seeing a rise in personal body cameras that can record the interactions of police with criminals and the public alike.

Body camera

Example of a law enforcement officer wearing a personal recording device

On a daily basis, police come into contact with undesirable characters who do not have respect for the law or the arresting officer. On regular occasions these crooks will use threatening and aggressive behaviors to make police feel uncomfortable and force them into a position where they feel extra force is required. Often the use of lawful force can be argued by the lawbreakers as being excessive and the poor officers will sometimes be left to defend their actions against these complaints.

Technology has improved to such an extent in the past few years that high definition video cameras have become extremely compact and light enough to be carried easily. The way in which computer memory is stored has also improved allowing for large files to be stored on the smallest of memory devices such as SD cards. This means law enforcement officers are able to carry high definition body worn video cameras on their person without even realizing they are there.

The effect this can have for officers interacting with the general public can be extremely advantageous. For many crims, knowing that they cannot get away with smart ass behavior can be a massive deterrent right from the get go. This means that potentially volatile situations can be kept at unheated and prevented from ever turning into a problem.


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